Monday, September 13, 2010

Hexagons and Bedford Scrapbook Layout

Hope you are all well and having a great time. Being in Auckland, I was sufficiently far away from Christchurch so that we were not affected at all by the recent quakes. My thoughts are with you all during this time while you rebuild and reflect.

I posted a layout of Bedford a while ago and here is the other layout I did for my photo's from there. I loved the brick buildings and took hundreds of photos (my six week trip was documented with over 6000 photo's so I have been selective (or as selective as you can be when looking at so many images) and these made the final cut. To prevent having about 3000 albums for one holiday, I have done a lot of layouts where I try to incorporate multiple photos on my layout and also try and use all the pamphlets and memorabilia that I dragged home.

Hope you enjoy. The font is Cuttlebug 'Hippie Chick' and the hexagons are using my Creative Memories Custom Cutting System. I started off my paper crafting with these tools and still reach for them as an when I need. I still need to work out how to 'create' larger shapes like these on my cricut as this will make the whole process a lot easier.

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  1. Sorry everyone, sometimes blogs have their moments and mine has... No matter how hard I have tried, this one will not show the right way up.... Hope you don't get a sore neck.