Monday, May 31, 2010

Bead necklace

I saw the most gorgeous necklace a friend had made. She had a stunning feature bead. It is golds and coppers with lampwork flowers. She matched this with swarovski crystals and did a multi strand necklace. Thank you so much Renchia for lending me your necklace to make my own and the amazing source of inspiration.

I found my own feature bead. I think it looks like a flower and is in shades of hot pink and red with some black lampwork details. I have mixed and matched some swarovski crystals to create the basis of my necklace. It is still in progress. I have also found a lovely green bead with olive flower details which I think would work well in this style too.

Sorry if the photo's are a bit blurred, I am saving up to replace my camera which does not like macro shots.

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