Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hi, welcome to my blog. As I am sure you can tell, I am very new to web publishing, and I apologise for the changes that will take place.

I love craft of any sort and love the tactile process of creating something beautiful.

I started crafting by making clothes for my dolls with small scraps of left over fabric and using cardboard boxes to make homes for them. This started a lifelong love affair with creating.

I created my first scrapbook when I was twelve, full of photo's, journalling, drawing and memorabilia. My scrapbooks have only evolved as I have better (and more expensive) tools. I still love personalising my photos and adding facts, thoughts and feelings and things I have collected. Card making is a further outlet of scrapbooking and allows me to give away some of my creations to loved ones.

I am a true magpie and collect all sorts of bits and bobs. (The only problem I face now is running out of space....)

I love beading and glass beads and crystals hold a great deal of inspiration for me. I love bold, chunky pieces with surprise elements such as a bug or bold colour contrasts. Butterflies and flowers are a favourite and textured beads are simply devine.

Fabric is also a great source of inspiration and I love hand and machine embroidery and adding beads, charms and fibres to make a textured surface. Quilting is another passion and I love applique and heavily quilting the surface of my quilts.

Thanks again for stopping by and I will update the blog with photos and descriptions of the projects as they happen.

All the best


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