Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fabric diary/journal covers

Every week I meet up with a wonderful group of women who keep me inspired to continue creating. Each week we have a different project and everyone contributes. It is a fabulous melting pot. Each of us has a very distinct artistic style and the group dynamic means we each grow, learn and challenge our ideas and methods.

One project we had great fun with was creating a custom journal cover. Bought diaries and journals are very plain and uninspiring.

A wonderful friend made me a diary cover and I love it. It is absolutely stunning and a great reminder of this amazing person when I open my diary and and see the gorgeous cover.

She kindly showed us how to make the covers and I made a visual diary cover. In this wee journal, I write my ideas for scrapbook pages, invitations, cards, techniques, quilt ideas and so much more, and it is housed beautifully below the stunning cover.

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