Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A challenge I have just completed - Takeout Coffee hand protector sleeve

Takeout coffee protectors

Materials needed:

Template (I used one from Starbucks)


Fabric (preferably light coloured)


Lumiere Metallic Paint



Alcohol inks

Thread (and machine)

Beads (optional)

Kindy Glitz (optional)

Step 1:

Cut 1 piece of fabric (I used unbleached calico)

Cut 1 piece of felt (I used white felt)

Step 2:

Paint lumiere paint as desired to give some definition to the fabric. I chose to paint the border of my fabric and patches to enable me to stamp onto it. Allow to dry.

Step 3:

Stamp desired images using Stazon. I used Stazon Black, but this would also be effective in reds, greens for Christmas colours. Heat set with an iron.

Step 4:

Drop alcohol ink to give colour to your design. I used bottle and terracotta. I heat set this with the iron

Step 5:

Pin the felt and the decorated fabric together. I machine stitched this together and used metallic gold thread to give a little shine.

I then trimmed the edges neatly and changed my thread to machine embroidery green thread. I added detail to the holly leaves.

Step 6:

I then stitched a cluster of red beads in different sizes and styles to the area which was the holly berries.

Step 7:

I added gold kindy glitz to the odd berries and as a ‘shadow’ to the holly leaves.

Step 8:

I then stitched two pieces of elastic to the insides of the fabric and my hot drink protector is now complete.

You can also add alcohol ink at this stage.

Stitch the fabric piece to the felt and embellish as you desire. I added some machine stitching, beads and kindy glitz.


P.S sorry I did not have a sample of a coffee cup, but hopefully the glass gives you a good idea of how it works.

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